1.  Car must start race with factory included stock spoiler(s) attached.

2.  Other than oil and grease, no chemicals/liquids can be applied to any part of the car's motor

STOCK:  (Car must be run as it came from original packaging, replacement parts can only be same as what came with original packaging, specific modifications below can be made with intent to correct manufacturing defects:)

1.    Sanding of tires for roundness

2.    Adding spacers to rear axle to reduce excess lateral movement of axle/gear/wheel assembly

3.    Gluing of original interior or exterior components to restore original condition/position

4.    Gluing of motor shaft bushings or wheel bushings

5.    Replace plastic axle bearings with brass bearings. Note: ball-race bearings of any sort are specifically not allowed in stock class.

6.     Gluing of hubs on original axle

7.    Gluing of stock tires on original hubs