Object of this series is for each individual racers is amass as many points as possible over the 8 different track. To put themselves in position to be the Super Series champ

$30+$5.50(Super Tires)

                           #27234 Mercedes 2007 Salzgitter

                          #27235 Mercedes 2008

                          #27237 Audi Red Bull

                          #27238 Audi 2008

$38+$5.50(Super Tires)

                         #30559 Audi Team ABT

                         #30560 Audi Team TV Movie

                         #30561 Mercedes Deutsche Post

                         #30562 Mercedes Laureus

* Individual racers series

* 8 Race series

      Track open - 5PM

      Practice - 6PM

      1st Race - 7PM   

   Oct 15 race will held at NJ Nostalgia Hobby Scotch Plains, NJ Race fee $10.00

       Track opens - 11AM

       Practice - 12 Noon

       1st Race - 1PM

*4 minute heats

*Cars impounded after each race and transported to the next race by the racer director

* Stock Rules plus silicon tires

IMPORTANT: Normally racers are allowed to disable their lights, but during this series the lights need to be in working order for (1) night race during this series.


* Point Scoring will be 1st-100, 2nd-90, 3rd-80, 4th-75 (increments of 5 points        each.)

* Each racers (2) lowest scores will be drop  

* Driver handicap penalties to be served on first lane driver rotates into (Red Lane)


1st Place = 30 secs.    2nd Place = 20 secs.    3rd Place = 10 secs.