SCX 2Hr Team Endurance Race  LMP/GT

Object of this race is for the individual racers to combine their racing skills in an  team endurance setting and see which random team can race to victory

* 2-4 man teams (1 person will be the team captain)

* 30 minute heats (At least 2 team members must run in each heat)

* Each class will only run in 2 of the 4 lanes

* 1 car per team for each class (No SCX Pro cars)

* Super Stock Rules

* Motor SCX 42B

*Once the teams have been selected it is the responsible of the whole team to pick which 2 cars they will

         run as a team. These cars will be subject to Tech inspection before the race

* Race will be held at RC Refurb Etc. Grand Market Place  4340 Rt 130. Willingsboro,NJ  Race fee $15

* Point Scoring -Team with the most laps will be the winner. Each member of the team will have those same points

                                awarded to their individual overall scores for the Super Series Champ