1.   Race practice to be limited to 2 minutes per lane once it is within 30 minutes from race start time.

2.   Host to announce what constitutes track calls prior to race start

3.   Race segment times shall be 4 minutes on each lane unless otherwise specified


1.   Tire cleaning shall only be done during 'green flag' conditions, and only with tape supplied by host.

2.   After start of race, drivers cannot touch cars unless during green flag period

3.   Driver handicap penalties to be served on first lane driver rotates into.

       1st Place Penalty = 30 seconds      b.  2nd Place Penalty = 20 seconds     c.  3rd  Place Penalty = 10 second

4.   Repairs to cars must also only be done during green flag period; must stop repairs between race segments while clock stops.

5.   If car substituted in series race, laps only count for car that started race

6.   Race Director must determine if segment should be restarted or if other adjustments can be made


1.   Each racer must marshall at least 4 race segments; upon leaving race rotation, racer must assume marshalling post. Marshall that is scheduled to enter race soonest exits marshall rotation

2.   If car is rendered inoperable, and confirmed by marshall or, in case of dispute, race director a driver may use a substitute car (their own, or a loaner) that meets class specifications


Race winner will have the most laps and sections completed at race end.  If at race end there is a tie for first place based on total laps and total sections, 1 minute run-off races will be run on a lane designated by the Race Director.  Each racer tied for first place will separately run 1 minute on the designated lane, with laps and sections recorded.  After all tied racers have run, most laps and sections is declared winner, and remaining racer(s) final position determined by next highest lap and section totals.  If at the conclusion of the 1 minute run-off races there is another tie, the final race will be declared a tie, with first place points shared.  This run off only is to be used for first place ties, not for ties for lower positions.  Other ties will share points for the specific position.