Carrera DTM 2011-2012


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1. All cars will be in their factory sealed original boxes prior to the race start.

2. Cars will be available to all drivers on Aug 21 for a Tuning/ Practice Day. Otherwise car will be handed out to the drivers at the first race of the series in Sept.

3. Cars will be raced based on STOCK RULES, with Super Tire silicone tires, no magnets and weight allowed inside the car only.

4. Cars are yours to keep, however, during the series all cars will be impounded after each race and transported to the next racing location by the race director and/or racing manager.

5. If a racer decides that he will not be able to participate in future races and wants to take the car home, he can do so. But car will be disqualified and no longer eligible to compete in the series.

6. Race will consist of four 4 minutes heats per racer.

7. Winner of a particular race will have most points accumulated during the 4 heats raced on each lane. (Red, White, Blue & Yellow)

8 The winner of the DTM portion will be determine by the driver who has accumulated the most points over the 8 races. In addition to (2) of their lowest scores being dropped

9. Opening your car to use oil, grease and adjust weight placement will be allowed during practice time on every race night.