Stock Rules

1. Sanding of tires for roundness

2. Adding spacers to rear axel to reduce excessive movement of axel,gears,wheels assembly

3.Gluing of original interior or exterior components to restore original condition/ position

4. Gluing of motor shaft bushing or wheel bushing

5. Gluing of hubs on original axel

6. Gluing of stock tires on original hubs

7. Using Super Tires

Car must be run as it came from original packaging, replacement parts can only be same as what came with original packaging

Super Stock Rules

1. Any manufacter guide, braid, wire, spacers, screws, eyelets and bushing can be used as long as the chassic is not modified

2. Spacers up to .030" can be added to any body mount post to clear tires

3.Guides can be shaved if the track depth is too shallow

4. Guide spring may be disabled or removed

5. Third party wheels(hubs) may be used

6. Any gears can be used

7. Glue or tape can be used to secure motor, moter shaft bushing, wheel bushing and lead wires

8. Electronics ie: noise suppressor or revers direction switches can be removed

9. Lights can be added to cars if not already installed. Fronts lights must be white and rears must be red