"Big W" Racing's main goal is to help promote the great hobby of slot car racing within New Jersey.


Our goal is to make each series bigger and more exciting, so out next series is the

Super Series Challenge.

This series will consist of the following 3 different classes:

(For more information please click each series in blue.)

DTM- Carrera (8 races on 8 different tracks, Stock Rules, Series sponsored
car will be impounded after each race.)

$30+$5.50(Super Tires)

                          #27234 Mercedes 2007 Salzgitter

                          #27235 Mercedes 2008

                          #27237 Audi Red Bull

                          #27238 Audi 2008

$38+$5.50(Super Tires)

                         #30559 Audi Team ABT

                         #30560 Audi Team TV Movie

                         #30561 Mercedes Deutsche Post

                         #30562 Mercedes Laureus


Raid - Ninco trucks (2 man teams. Each team is responsbile for providing their own vehicle.)

Location:  Parsippany Slot Car Show

Parsippany P.A.L.

33 Baldwin Rd. - Parsippany, NJ

Stock Rules


Endurance - Selected SCX LMP/GT - 2 Hour Race

2-4 man teams, each car class will only run in 2 of the 4 heats  Super Stock Rules Teams provide their on cars

Location: RC Refurb Etc.

Grand Market Place

4340 Rt 130 - Willingboro,NJ


The goal of the Super Series Challenge is to be the driver who has accumulated the most points having competed in individual and team events at the end of the
complete series.

There will be 12 Races each being held the 3rd Saturday of the month from Sept 2011 to June 2012.

 (CLICK HERE  for Race schedule)


For more information, contact us at:  http://dcm_mobile@yahoo.com